About Winston Salem Crime

This is a free site that allows visitors to view reports of crime in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

This site is not affiliated with the City of Winston-Salem Police Department.

Data Source

The data that this site uses is publicly available through the Winston-Salem Police Department's web site. Every morning at around 6 AM all reports from the prior day are made available. Then at about 6:30 we download and process that data for use on this site. Consequently, it could take up to 31 hours for a report to appear on this site.

The WSPD data contains:
  • The date and time the incident was reported
  • A brief description of the type of report made
  • A street or intersection near where the reported incident took place

Data Reliability

The data on this site is as accurate as the data supplied by the WSPD.


In order to map or provide distance calculations this site must try to resolve a street or intersection into a geographic point. This process is known as geocoding. Geocoding is a complicated process.  While our geocoding is done in a highly reliable way, at times mismatches between a street and the geographic location may occur. To verify a crime report at a precise location you will need to contact the WSPD.

Although this site uses Google Maps to map crime reports, Google and Google Maps are not associated with this site in any way.

Web Site

This site was designed and developed by Hypothesis, a Winston-Salem based technology firm.


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